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Pleasant Street Primary School

In March 2017, Pleasant Street Primary School were looking at improving their CCTV system due to safeguarding and security concerns.

The system had been in a number of years and clarity from the cameras and subsequently the recordings had deteriorated. Meeting Brighter Bills at a Business Managers conference gave the school an opportunity to discuss what latest technology could offer.

When looking at CCTV solutions, whether it’s a new site or a site looking to upgrade an older CCTV system, we look at it from a best value position. The latest level of camera is IP, these offer flexibility and the most futureproof route for any new installation. These do require newer cabling known as ‘structured cabling’ or Cat5e—the same cabling we use for our PC’s. If we are looking at upgrading an older system, the cabling is likely to be an older level known as coax. We do have a solution to keep older cabling and install high definition cameras and will offer options, it’s not a case of you have to start all again and recable the whole site. That is always an option, and we are aware of tight budget restrictions that organisations are often under. We can also offer leases to spread the cost of the solution.

‘Safeguarding and security of pupils, parents, staff and the school building is of paramount importance. Being able to clearly see areas around school and have high quality recordings allows the school to have a level of comfort in knowing ‘it’s there if we need it’. We are also being asked if we can add audio within reception areas as an added safeguard. I think CCTV in general is becoming more important in our society, having a high quality long term solution from a recommended company is key to any organisation’ – Brighter Bills

'I had worked with Brighter Bills in the past and knew the level of service offered was very good. We knew our CCTV was in need of an upgrade and on meeting Brighter Bills again at a conference, asked them to review our system. Brighter Bills came to site a few weeks later with an engineer to review the system and complete a full site survey. Myself and the Site Manager were very impressed with the level of expertise shown by the engineer and his understanding of our requirements. We really liked the way Brighter Bills offered advice and suggestions to how we could arrive at a level of coverage we required. They were never pushy and offered a solution with options that were fully explained. We opted for a full upgrade with the latest technology that will give us the most futureproof investment. One year on and we are very happy and would highly recommend Brighter Bills'

- Pauline Price,