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State-Of-The-Art Telephone Systems

Imagine a telephone system specifically adapted to your business. That’s exactly what we deliver.

Using up-to-the-minute technology from three global partners, we create tailored telephone system packages that you can rely on.

Who we work with

NEC Supplies Businesses With Effective Telecom Solutions, Including:

  • IP telephony
  • Traditional telephony
  • Wireless LAN Products
  • POS Products
  • Business PDA Handheld Computers
  • PHS Wireless Telephony systems

Brighter Bills supplies a range of NEC products that gives our partners a comprehensive telephone system that suits their business operations:

  • SV9100
  • SL1100
  • SV8100

Drive Down Costs With Mitel

There’s a good reason why Mitel is used by companies across the globe. Clever, cloud-enabled systems are what make this solution agile and practical. Its streamlined multi-channel capabilities keep your staff operating at peak productivity, while its hard-working and reliable design effectively reduces costs.

Enterprise® By Mitel

Our smart telephone systems include Mitel’s full range of services. This gives us the power to create a truly bespoke package regardless of how big you are, and what you do. From large enterprises to local operators, we have the perfect solution for you.

Mitel’s digital and IP phones, consoles, conference phones and peripherals are made to meet the pressures of modern businesses. With a detailed view of your requirements, we’ll build the package you need. No fuss. No wastage.

This high preforming solution gives you extra, with advanced kit that increases productivity. And by offering smarter connections across both your internal departments and customer-facing lines, we can pave the way for better agile systems that deliver under pressure.

Stay Agile With Unify

Innovation and reliability are the two things Unify is known for. A global communications company, Unify delivers powerful systems that allow businesses to stay on top and meet customer demand. Whether that’s a budding business of five people, or a multi-national corporation of 500,000+ employees.

Unify Packages

Simplicity is something Unify does instinctively. So, if a user-friendly platform is what your business needs, with one seamless suite to manage, look no further. Our innate knowledge of Unify means that we can build a system that’s ultra-easy to navigate, for strong, reliable business communications.

Look under the surface of any slick Unify system, and you’ll find advanced technology that uses multiple networks to give your business a true handle on its comms. Think advanced applications and devices like video and audio conferencing, or instant messaging for fast, effective conversations.

But for all it’s ingenuity, these systems are simplistic for end-users, empowering them to engage in meaningful conversations. And giving you the edge to boost business performance and productivity.