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A National Presence, Wherever You Are

If you want to add stature to your business, a non-geographic number is a must. These numbers can be used across the UK, without a local dialling code attached. Giving your business a truly national presence.

Connect customers to the best team from the start, whether that’s sales, customer care or head office, and you’ll be providing a seamless service. For better customer relations, without the headache.

You – In Total Control

NGN numbers have plenty of other clever features to make your phone systems work harder. Flexibility is just one of its design-savvy functions. You can change where your calls are directed to in an instant through your own web portal login. This enables you to manage disaster related changes and keeps you in full control of your business communications.

Satisfy Your Customers

From your customer’s perspective, they have the peace of mind that their call will cost the same, wherever they’re phoning from in the country. And you can manage where calls are put through to, even if you have multiple sites.