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Made-To-Measure IT Solutions

Annual Support Package

If you do not want the overhead of running your own IT Department but require peace of mind and require a predictable ICT budget, our annual support package is what you are looking for. Our annual support packages are our most popular offering providing comprehensive unlimited remote support, access to an onsite engineer where required, as well as ICT consultancy services. There are no hidden costs associated with our onsite support package, offering unrivalled value for money and the ability for you to easily budget for your IT support.

There are times when only an on-site engineer is required to resolve a complex issue, you can rest assured our onsite engineer will resolve issues as fast as possible and make sure your business remains operational. Combined with our extensive expertise and advice, this is the ideal alternative to having your own IT Department

Pay-As-You-Go Support Package

Our pay as you go service is ideal for small businesses that may not have the budget for a regular monthly service plan. This may also appeal to organisations that do not wish to commit to a regular monthly service contract. You simply pay for whichever service you require, a good choice for one-off IT support incidents, emergency support, consultation services or projects.
This service maybe required for a critical failure requiring an on-site visit or for utilising our remote support services.

• No pre-booking is required – flexible service programmes.

• As a communication company – we pride ourselves on regular and clear communication throughout.

• Clear pricing structure – cost per incident, no hidden costs.

• In-Depth knowledge and experience – all aspects of ICT, computers, infrastructure; typically networking, virtualisation, server, data storage, IP communication systems, CCTV.


Without warning, the first time you are aware of an IT problem is when something is broken.Our proactive monitoring is used for identifying potential areas of risk 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Any notifications received from your systems are quickly and efficiently resolved by our technicians. With enough warning, it is much easier to manage and eliminate problems, prior to them becoming a major incident. Our system alerts us to any potential issues before this happens. We can even monitor your backup and storage systems to ensure your critical data is safe.

• Our technicians ensure your computers are fully protected, have the latest software and operating system updates applied, security patches, anti-virus identities and other updates.

• Our monitoring system provides 24-7 monitoring of your systems, 365 days of the year in real time, flagging up potential issues and problems as they arise

• We can create a bespoke agreement for your business based on the level of monitoring you require.

Remote ICT Support Package

Our Remote Support package provides an unlimited cost-effective ICT support service. If used in conjunction with our 24×7 monitoring service, you receive a fully comprehensive remote service without the need for regular on site-visits. Smaller businesses often require latest technology but may not have the required resource and depth of technical knowledge to manage their ICT systems.
Our remote support package is the best solution for you. This remote support package gives you unlimited remote support for your uses, covering all your computers, servers and networks.

• Fully remote support – A bespoke remote support package

• Reduced onsite visits – all work can be conducted externally

• Unlimited support – unlimited telephone and email support

Our Service Desk

Our service desk is available whenever you need them via telephone, email or directly from our web site for remote access services. You can get in contact with us whenever you require support. We will ensure you are back up and running as quickly as possible and minimise any disruption to your business.
Our service desk technicians use the leading remote technology to access your systems and can invariable rectify issues immediately. If the problem involves third parties, we will provide an escalation procedure and will continually monitor the situation and provide regular communication updates.

Services Provided

  • Microsoft Office 365 Services
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008-2019/ Exchange 2010-2019
  • Dell & HP Servers, NAS and SAN Storage Solutions, Network Switches
  • Virtualisation – VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Azure Cloud
  • Backup Solutions to Cloud – Azure, Veeam, BackBlaze, O365
  • Firewalls and Internet Security Solutions – Smoothwall, Sophos, Web Titan, Cyren
  • Anti-Virus Software & Services – Sophos, Bit-Defender, Mail Assure, Web Titan
  • Wireless Network Solutions – Aerohive, Unify, Draytek
  • RDS Services, Networking Services
  • DR Solutions Planning & Business Continuity Planning
  • CRM Solutions, Dynamics 365
  • IT Consultancy Service