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A Year-Round Productivity Boost

Every industry has peaks and troughs. To make the most of seasonal changes, you need a versatile approach. With our cutting-edge call logging and reporting software you can do just that.

We know that effective call handling can boost staff efficiencies as well as keeping customers happy. Data on call levels during a given period and the cost of those calls is a powerful, simplistic way of maximising your impact.

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Everyone Wins

By breaking down the route of your calls and who’s making them, you’ll gather an in-depth understanding of your call flow. Through this, you’ll be on the fast-track to improving your team’s productivity. By examining telesales techniques and telephone usage, you can provide targeted training. And clear, meaningful targets generated by the system will give your teams valuable motivation.

So You Can Work Smarter

These insights don’t just help you manage your staff. They also allow you to flex to the needs of your customers. Time management functionality reduces call lengths, easing the load on your system and reducing call costs by up to 15%. This decluttering will actively help you get to each call faster, for even better customer relations. Plus, clever inbuilt tools enable you to detect telephone fraud fast and escape large bills.