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Effective, Simple Business Continuity

SIP is the latest technology driving communication forward. With SIP, all calls are made over a secure data connection. This provides your business with more than one big advantage.

When it comes to costing a SIP solution, SIP carries a lower cost than traditional ISDN lines when it comes to rental and calling charges. We can create tailor-made bundles that fit with your business requirements, so you’ll never be paying for more than you need.

Always Covered

Business Continuity is key to any business. We present your telephone number on servers at two data centres, one in live mode, one in failover mode. If there is an issue at the main server location, your inbound and outbound calling automatically & immediately transfers to the failover location. This means your uptime is maximised. If there is a critical incident at your office location, we can divert calls to another office or to individual mobiles within minutes.

Total Flexibility

We can pick up any telephone number from any location, place it in the cloud and direct it to your business. No more being tied to your geographical location by your telephone number. Scaling up is easy, providing all the flexibility you need as your business grows and changes. With the right tech, businesses of every size can match market leaders for customer satisfaction. SIP trunking is just one clever tech advancement that puts you in the driving seat of your business growth.