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Land Law LLP working in partnership

In 2016, Angus Whyte, Managing Partner at Land Law LLP, began the project to improve the company’s communications and drive down related business costs.

Angus took the view that working with a company at the forefront of communications technology would be the best route to designing the best solution for his organisation. Along with colleagues, he researched the market place and met with several potential suppliers.

Brighter Bills work with companies to understand their ‘pain points’ to enable the design of a solution that will not only improve communication with their clients, but give the company the tools to improve productivity and reduce operating costs.

Working with Land Law LLP, we designed a solution using Voice Over IP (VOIP) technology. The solution allowed the company to place the Mitel system on the IT infrastructure for increased flexibility, which means handsets can be installed anywhere on the network internally or at a remote location over a simple broad-band connection for remote working. This also allowed Land Law to utilise call recording, the ability to record calls from the handset with the recording delivered as an email attachment for review & storage.

Unified messaging also has the facility for voicemail messages to be delivered as an email, no more missed important messages.

Land Law LLP find the easy to use and built in ‘meet me’ conferencing facility very important for arranging scheduled or ‘adhoc’ conferences.

By utilising the Voice Over IP externally, via Brighter Bills SiP Trunks, Land Law LLP were able to reduce communication costs by 40% by replacing digital lines / services. This is another valuable benefit of embracing new technology.

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After reviewing the available technology, our aim at Land Law LLP, was to implement a high quality communications solution from a supplier that understood what we were trying to achieve and who also worked closely with the solution manufacturer. Brighter Bills working with Mitel Networks, offered the best solution. The Professional Services Team were excellent and their knowledge of data networks proved valuable when implementing the Mitel VOIP solution. I would recommend Brighter Bills Ltd to any organisation looking to deploy a high quality communications solution.

- David Wheeler, IT Manager at
Land Law LLP