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Harrisons Solicitors LLP

In December 2015, Harrisons Solicitors came to the decision that their communications platform across their two sites was outdated, restricting growth and not cost effective.

The Partnership decided to research the communications marketplace for a company that could act as a trusted advisor and design a solution that would utilise the latest technology to drive communications forward and reduce costs.

After meeting with Brighter Bills in January 2016, the project to design a new communications solution began.

When designing the solution with Harrisons LLP, Brighter Bills, began by looking at the way in which communication had evolved and what were the issues that the organisation were facing. It became apparent that communication both with clients and internally across the Partnerships two sites, along with spiralling costs were key to the design of the new system. Working with the Partnerships IT professionals, a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) solution was agreed upon and designed. To give seamless networking between sites, the solution required built-in networking to give personnel the ability to quickly and easily transfer calls to either site. As some of the law professionals work from locations outside of the two offices, teleworking was included as part of the design. This gives personnel the facility to connect an IP hand-set into any broadband connection to give them the ability to work from that location as if in the office—inbound/outbound calls, voicemails, call recordings, etc all operate as if in the office.

To reduce costs and offer better Business Continuity, it was decided to route calls over a data connection and SiP trunks. This connection offers lower rental and call charge costs than traditional ISDN (digital) lines. Business Continuity is improved as there are two sets of lines, a set in live mode and a set in failover mode that become live instantly if there is an issue with the primary lines. Also, Direct Dial In (DDI) calls can be diverted individually to a member of personnel’s mobile telephone. Current ISDN diverts are both slow with all calls, including DDI calls, being diverted to one number only. In March 2016, Harrisons LLP placed an order with Brighter Bills for a two site Mitel VOIP solution and continue to work closely on emerging technologies.

Brighter Bills Ltd 6 Bradshaw Court, Alexandria Way, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 1LB.  01260 725 725

I was impressed with the way Brighter Bills Ltd engaged with ourselves at Harrisons LLP, they were very professional. We discussed in detail our current telephony system and the many benefits a new communications platform would bring to our organisation. We were also able to discuss the considerable cost savings of the new solution. There was no ‘hard sell’ and they laid out their vision for our two offices. In the end it was an easy decision to make, we liked what we saw and it costed in very well. We are very happy with our decision.

- Jonathan Pierce, Practice Manager at
Harrisons LLP