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Florence Melly Community Primary School

Communications review leads to major cost reduction and new telephony solution.

With over 20 years experience in working with schools, we know what pressures they are under to deliver best value and still keep costs under control. Year on year budgets become tighter, being told to do more with less is a constant struggle for most schools. We believe that we can offer best value telephony at a great price.

We understand that schools can often be too busy to analyse every part of a bill, that’s our area of expertise.

We can look at the areas where a school is spending their budget and advise on savings without impacting on service.

We can also look at implementing telephone system features and facilities that offer real benefits to schools.

With the current push towards ‘procedures for school lockdown and critical incidents’ we can offer a school a way to quickly get a message across school via the telephone system handsets, using the handset speaker to relay a message clearly and effectively to locations across school.

We can also offer fast Internet access to schools suffering from slow connections. We can offer advice and speak to your IT maintainer to work out what is the best solution.

Page All -Paging all handsets in school to relay an urgent message for school lockdown/critical incident procedures.

Auto Attendant -this gives the school the ability to answer calls with different messages throughout the day. A standard message in school hours, a second message to give access to an afterschool club, and an out of hours message.

Call Recording to Email -the ability to record calls and then save them to your PC is a key benefit to schools. Whether it is for safeguarding school staff or for important calls, recordings can be saved for later review or emailed on to the relevant parties.

Voicemail to Email -the ability to have voicemail messages delivered to your handset and to your email. This will allow messages to be heard on a mobile device when out of the office. You can also save important messages to you PC. Also, no more missed or incorrect messages.

Conferencing -easy to use conferencing gives you the ability to speak to a number external parties simultaneously. Great for when you need to get a group of colleagues on a call at the same time when they are at different locations.

We decided to meet with Brighter Bills Ltd following a chat he had with my SBM, Irene Kane at the Liverpool SBM conference. Brighter Bills told Irene they was sure he could offer an alternative to BT that would not only reduce our costs, but improve our communications internally and with our parents. After analysing our costs and discussing what we wanted from a telephone system, Brighter Bills completed a proposal to move our lines to Brighter Bills and install a new Mitel telephone system. I am pleased to say the figures were very good, we could make substantial savings and implement a new system. No other supplier could offer the same solution with the same benefits. We moved our lines immediately and installed the system over the next half term. We are very happy with our solution and would recommend any school to look at the benefits Brighter Bills can offer them.

- Ken Heaton, Head Teacher
at Florence Melly Community Primary School