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Christ the King Catholic Primary School

Reducing costs and improving communications in Liverpool schools.

After meeting with Brighter Bills at the Liverpool School Business Manager’s Forum in June 2016, Denise Christopherson, SBM at Christ the King Catholic Primary, decided to meet with Brighter Bills and spend 30 minutes discussing the schools’ communication costs. At the subsequent meeting and follow up, Denise was pleasantly surprised to see that line rental and call charges could be halved to make substantial savings. Although this was the initial thoughts, reducing costs, Denise decided to also investigate upgrading the rather old telephone system the school were using. Once the features of a new system were discussed, Denise quickly realised that the school would greatly benefit from the new system which was proposed.

“We have worked with many schools over the last 20 years and although no two schools are the same,we believe that we understand the everyday communication issues that schools go through. With ever decreasing budgets, cost is key. We have a simple approach to firstly look at reducing a schools’ costs. Once we have determined where a school is spending money, we look at ways to reduce these costs. We have shown typical savings over BT of 50%. Once we have demonstrated savings, if the school are interested in looking at using new technology to improve communication Internally, or with Parents & Suppliers, we will discuss the benefits of a new telephone system and let the school decide if this suits their needs’.  Brighter Bills Ltd.

Some new system benefits:

Page All—the facility to page to all system handsets to get a quick message across school. Ideal for Critical Incidents & School Lockdown.

Auto Attendant—to professionally answer and direct calls during the day & out of hours.

Adhoc Call Recording -to allow staff to record important conversations at the touch of a key with the ability to save the recording to their PC. Great for Safeguarding.

Voicemail to email -all personnel can have voicemail with the message delivered via the handset or as an email attachment. No more missed messages.

Contact Brighter Bills on 01260 725 725 or email

I had a quick chat with Brighter Bills at the SBM Forum at Aintree and decided it was worth taking a little bit of time to see if we could reduce costs, it’s what we are all trying to do as SBM’s. Brighter Bills came over to see me at school and went through a simple, no commitment meeting pointing out where savings could be made. The savings were great and I asked for a cost to upgrade our old BT system. The monthly cost was low enough to come out of the savings, it was a good position and easy decision for me and the Head Teacher. I would recommend spending some time with Brighter Bills and see what Brighter Bills can do for your school, we are happy we did.

- Denise Christopherson SBM
at Christ the King Catholic Primary School