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Westerleigh Group Ltd

A quote from Richard Evans, Managing Director, Westerleigh Group Ltd

Westerleigh Group Ltd are the fastest growing crematoria and cemetery developer/operator in the UK and have benefited from Brighter Bills experience on all of its new builds and retrofitted Siemens systems at several of its existing sites.

Brighter Bills are the sole provider for telephone lines and Broadband communication for the group and most recently provided all the tele and data comms for the Groups new head office in Bristol.

Managing Director, Richard Evans, comments

“Without an experienced partner in the field of telecommunications, the development of a new site is fraught with problems, however Brighter Bills have provided a clear logical path delivering a practical solution to our needs. With the construction of the new Group Head Office, it was vital that the partner provided a system which not only met existing needs but also had a provision for the future, with the introduction of a Siemens system, along with installation of cables, patch panel and IT hardware, the Head Office is set to provide an excellent hub to run our fast growing business.

Richard Evans, Managing Director,

Westerleigh Group Ltd